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On May 11, Zhai Jun, Member of the Standing Committee of Jinan Municipal Committee and Director of the United F
On May 11, Zhai Jun, Member of the Standing Committee of Jinan Municipal Committee and Director of the United Front Work Department, and Xu Yanfang, Deputy director of Jinan Municipal Committee visited Kangqiao for research.
Accompanied by Zhang Qiaoliang, president of Jinan New Association and Chief partner of Kangqiao, Minister Zhai first visited the office environment of Cambridge and then held a discussion.
Also participating in the discussion were Liu Jinyong, director of the Jinan Association group of supervisors, chairman of Zhongzhengxin Consulting Group Co., LTD., Wang Chuan, senior assistant, office director of the United Front Work Department of Jinan City, Li Zhen, Director of the new class work Department Sui Yunfeng, senior partner of Kangqiao Zhu Zhaokai, partner Yuan Yongbing.
Symposium, Zhang Qiaoliang lawyer introduced ZhaiJun minister of Cambridge insisted that the party leads the development road of integrating, culture, the total score, the cultivation of the young lawyer mechanism, Cambridge assistance system and other aspects of the situation, this paper introduces the Cambridge in the service of economic and social and public welfare legal services related to work, and said that Cambridge lawyer as members of the new social class, Under the leadership of the municipal United Front Work Department, it will further show its performance and realize its value in the service development, and play a greater role in the united front work of the new social stratum.
ZhaiJun minister said the visit impressed culture construction of Cambridge, Cambridge integration development, promoting the united front in the party, in recent years in united front work continuously explore innovative, cohesive forces have made outstanding achievements, economic and social development made a positive contribution to jinan, hope to Cambridge to further strengthen the awareness of service, innovation consciousness, We should communicate more with people from new social strata, continue to give full play to our advantages in cultural development and management system, be willing to take responsibility and act proactively, and play an exemplary and leading role for people from new social strata, especially lawyers, in the united front work.
Consolidate the common ideological and political foundation for unity and struggle. Approach to innovation, improve work efficiency, make clear the basic number of the people in the new class, expand the influence of the "new intelligence gathered dhi" brand activities, organization to carry out the new form of fellowship activities and training activities, strengthen the investigation and study to promote the work of guiding role, and develop good new class representatives of professional advantage, resource advantage, and advantage of public opinion, To contribute to the high-quality development of provincial capitals.
To strengthen self-construction, improve the mechanism of the system, set up the "desalination management, strengthening the service" the work idea, pay close attention to people in the new class of ideological dynamic, increase the intensity of use of the cultivation of the outstanding representatives, will help as an important point of thinking to guide service, combining solving ideological problems and solving practical problems, We will "organize" more outstanding people from new social strata to make new and greater contributions to accelerating the building of a strong modern socialist capital in the new era, and welcome the Party's 20th National Congress with outstanding achievements.


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