Kangqiao Beijing branch elected perennial legal counsel
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Recently, Cambridge Beijing Branch was successfully selected in the perennial Legal Counsel Procurement project of
Recently, Cambridge Beijing Branch was successfully selected in the perennial Legal Counsel Procurement project of Capital Airport Group Co., LTD. Kangqiao Institute will sign the "Perennial Legal Counsel Agreement" with Capital Airport Group Co., Ltd. to provide perennial legal counsel services for the School of Management of Capital Airport Group Co., LTD.
Beijing Capital Airport Group Co., LTD., affiliated to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), is a cross-regional and diversified large state-owned enterprise group with more than 30 wholly-owned and holding member enterprises. Its assets under management exceed 170 billion yuan and its staff exceeds 50,000. The company has built an integrated development platform in airport management, service, security, construction and other aspects, and has made great progress in real estate, logistics, securities, hotels, tourism and other fields. At present, the Group has more than 40 branches of airports under the jurisdiction of Beijing (Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport), Tianjin, Jiangxi, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Hebei and other provinces (municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions).
Capital Airport Management College was established in April 2008. It is one of the key units directly under Capital Airport Group. It undertakes the important functions of personnel training system construction, curriculum development, teaching management, project implementation and so on. At present, it has organized and carried out more than 140 internal and external training programs, and trained more than 13,000 Chinese and foreign civil aviation management personnel. The School of Management is an important window for foreign exchange and cooperation of the Group, and a formal member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) TRAINAIR PLUS project. It has also undertaken the training of senior civil aviation managers of "One Belt and One Road" countries, ICAO standardized curriculum development training, ICAO trainer training and other foreign businesses, making significant contributions to the external exchanges and cooperation of CAAC.
The director of Kangqiao Beijing Branch, Lawyer Liu Shengyuan, served as the project leader, and lawyers Wang Baoren, Liu Dawei, Gao Zechuan, Wang Yi, Kong Bingbing and Sun Tiandong formed the project service team. In this procurement, Kangqiao Law Firm stands out among the 15 law firms by virtue of its rich perennial experience in legal advisory services and professional service advantages in civil aviation and airport industries. Kangqiao Law Firm will continue to uphold the spirit of professional service, dedicated to provide consultants with comprehensive, high-quality, efficient and professional legal services.


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