Zhang Qiaoliang, chief partner of Kanqgaio, was invited to teach
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In ORDER TO FURTHER IMPROVE THE MANAGEMENT LEVEL OF law firms and the comprehensive quality of lawyers, Weihai J
In ORDER TO FURTHER IMPROVE THE MANAGEMENT LEVEL OF law firms and the comprehensive quality of lawyers, Weihai Judicial Bureau held the second "WeiHAI Farun Lawyer Lecture Hall" in the morning of June 25. Mr. Zhang Qiaoliang, Chief partner of Shandong Kangqiao Law Firm and Vice President of Shandong Bar Association, was invited to give a lecture to the director and partner of Weihai Zhi Law Firm.
Jiang Yong, deputy director of the Justice Bureau of Weihai City, Wu Zhigang, deputy full-time secretary of the Party Committee of the City Bar Association, Liu Xiufeng, President of the city Bar Association, Han Qiang, Secretary General Liu Jianzhong attended this activity. More than 130 directors and partners of Weihai Law Firm attended the meeting online and offline respectively.
Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang, with the topic of "The Growth of Lawyers and law firms", combined with the development of Cambridge and the actual situation of law firm management, made a full introduction and elaboration of the profound connotation of cultural establishment, integrated management mode, law firm development strategy, the training of young lawyers and other aspects. Zhang Qiaoliang lawyers think "improve cognitive level" is the basis of "shaping the soul of law firms, and that big time, lawyers should not only to make a living, but also seek wisdom, more want to find a way, to make the right value judgment, enhance the ability of independent thinking, to select the correct value, to find the fear of, fear of laws, rules and system, talent and TongPinGongZhen era.
After the lecture, participants both online and offline said that Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang's lecture was rich and comprehensive, which fully refined the core and essence of the construction of the law firm, profoundly expounded the values of lawyers in the big era, and provided an important reference for the management of law firms and the improvement of the comprehensive quality of lawyers in the future.


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