Chief partner Zhang Qiaoliang was invited to teach Shandong Energy Group Marketi
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In order to enhance the staff& 39;s legal concept and legal management level, strengthen the awareness of legal r
In order to enhance the staff's legal concept and legal management level, strengthen the awareness of legal risk prevention, and promote the company's legal construction to make a new breakthrough and go to a new level, Shandong Energy Group Marketing and Trade Co., Ltd. held the "Business Trade Lecture Hall" special guidance report on June 29. The leading team members, heads of departments and business backbone of the company attended the lecture on site. The leading team members of 31 subordinate units, main heads of departments and business backbone of departments attended the lecture through network broadcast. More than 200 people attended the lecture in total.
Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang took the great significance of the civil Code as the breakthrough point, from the compilation process of the civil code, the system innovation of the civil code, the legal value of the market economy of the civil code and so on, gave a profound explanation. Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang believes that the Civil Code is a code with Chinese characteristics, reflecting the characteristics of The Times and the will of the people. It is not only an encyclopedia of the social life of ordinary people, but also an encyclopedia of the economic activities of market subjects. The various legal norms for adjusting economic relations established by the Civil Code provide abundant basic institutional supply of civil law for the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, provide important legal guarantee for the construction of a high-level socialist market economic system, and promote the "governance of China" to a higher level.
After the lecture, the participants said that Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang's report was vivid and attractive, which had important guiding significance for continuously enhancing their legal awareness and legal concept, improving their legal quality and ability and level of performing duties according to law, and promoting the high-quality development of business trade.


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