A hundred years to start again, welcome the 20
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A hundred years to start again, welcome the 20 Ahead of the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist
A hundred years to start again, welcome the 20. Ahead of the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the 20th National Congress of the CPC, the CPC Shandong Kangqiao Law Firm Committee held its first Party Congress in 2022 on July 1. Party Secretary Jin Rongkui, Party members and all Party members attended the meeting, and chief partner Zhang Qiaoliang was invited to attend.
The meeting first of the advanced Party branch, outstanding party members, outstanding party affairs workers, "Welcome the 20" outstanding organizations, outstanding essay winners were commended. Subsequently, representatives of outstanding Party members, representatives of outstanding Party affairs workers and representatives of advanced grassroots Party organizations made speeches. The representatives expressed that they should cherish their honor, redouble their efforts, devote themselves to their work with a stronger sense of enterprise and responsibility, and continuously contribute light and heat to the Party building work in Knagqiao and the realization of the Knagqiao dream.

Chief partner Zhang Qiaoliang delivered a warm speech, to "beliefs such as rock, carries forward the founding spirit, carrying forward the culture of Knagqiao", to interpret the stick to the truth, all party members to ideal, practice of beginner's mind, bear the mission, fear no sacrifice, heroic struggle, be loyal, not people's great founding spirit of the profound connotation, points out that the man without the spirit does not stand, A country without spirit is not strong, firm ideals and beliefs, noble moral pursuit, positive attitude towards life, good work style is not only the spirit of the Communist Party of China should be righteousness, but also should be the spirit of Knagqiao people. Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang believes that as long as the Party members can truly understand and implement the spirit of Party founding, they will also consciously adhere to the road of Knagqiao and the belief of Cambridge, fulfill the original aspiration of building a century-old Knagqiao, dare to contribute and be loyal to Knagqiao. Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang said that the history is endless and the spirit is passed on from generation to generation. The lofty spiritual world determines the positive mental state. He hoped that in the new era, all Knagqiao people will further understand the spirit of the founding of the Party and at the same time, develop Knagqiao culture to a new height.

At the end of the meeting, Jin Rongkui, secretary of the Party Committee, gave a party lesson on the theme of "Vanguard and Exemplary Role of Party Members in law firms" for all Party members in Knagqiao. Party Secretary Jin Rongkui pointed out that we should always pay attention to the political leading role of Party construction, focus on driving the team construction and promoting the development of the industry, and pay attention to the connection between Party construction and the governance structure and management mode of law firms. Secretary Jin Rongkui said that the new era, the new stage and the new starting point endowed lawyers with a more important mission of The Times. On the new way to rush for the examination, all Communist Party members must firm their ideals and beliefs, practice the purpose of the Party, actively take responsibility and act, and constantly transform the Party's organizational strength into the political centricentritic force of Party members' lawyers and the sustainable development of the industry. We will strive to open up a new situation for Party building and lawyer work in the lawyer profession. We will inject new impetus and vitality into the Party building work, promote greater effectiveness in all our work, make new and greater contributions to comprehensively advancing the rule of law, and strive for greater glory for the Party and the people.

With the majestic and solemn international singing, the conference came to a successful close. Know, think will go, Fang Ming go. All THE PARTY MEMBERS OF Cambridge WILL CONTINUE TO WORK STRONGLY AND RESOLUTELY!


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