Kangqiao held the second partnership meeting of 2022
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From July 21 to 24, the 2022 second partner meeting of Shandong Kangqiao Law Firm was held in Laiwu Xuye Weiss
From July 21 to 24, the 2022 second partner meeting of Shandong Kangqiao Law Firm was held in Laiwu Xuye Weisson Hotel. More than 100 partners from the total law firm attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Kong Qinggang, chairman of the partners' meeting. At the meeting, chief partner Zhang Qiaoliang made a work report to all partners, "The original intention is like a rock, vigorously to do fully". Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang pointed out that the original intention of Cambridge is to build a warm, thoughtful and industry-leading law firm for a hundred years. The practice over the years has proved that Cambridge culture is the primary productive force of Cambridge. In order to realize the century-old dream of Cambridge, Need to adhere to all the partners relentlessness, constancy culture did not waver, insist on not be moved to "integration", adhere to the team cooperation and professional division of labor is not moved, only through Cambridge culture lead, exert the advantage of "integration" integrate dedicates resources, to develop capabilities in the core of the brand, such as the professional ability, The Cambridge platform can in turn empower every Cambridge person. Zhang Qiaoliang lawyer stressed to become a big event, need to break the heart thief, to sit in the static, broken anxiety thief; Give up, the thief of broken desire; Practice on the matter, break the thief of hesitation, three thieves are broken, Ming, Ming, everything can be accomplished; To see heaven AND earth, see sentient beings, see oneself, learn tolerance, compassion, humility, do self-crossing, self-consistency, self-knowledge, realize the three cognitive awakening of life, and constantly improve the level of cognition, in order to build a century-old Kang bridge on the road of the original heart like rock.
The partners' representatives then spoke. Cambridge culture as the Cambridge they said the value of the work provides a powerful lead force and spiritual motivation, personal development and progress thanks to the Cambridge people to the concept of Cambridge identity, in constant pursuit of a Shared vision and values, thanks to the system of "integration" sustained release of bonuses, the multiplier effect advantage brought by the superposition of mechanism of system development. In the external environment is complex, severe Zhang Qiaoliang lawyers report for all the partners indicate the direction of the forward again, further consolidate the firm faith, such as rock of faith, to win the confidence, stand in determining the key nodes of the year, all the partners will continue to train themselves deep, take zhiyuan, strike renewed ahead, strive to achieve the task.
During the conference, the partners of Cambridge carried out the kayak theme group building activities, to experience the unique kayak water cultural journey, learn the skills of rowing, boat and water as a bond, shorten the distance between each other, experience and enjoy the challenge and adventure in nature.

Partners of Cambridge Bridge also visited Laiwu Kowloon Grand Canyon, where towering ancient trees and abrupt peaks on both sides connect ponds and waterfalls. They personally felt the "hidden dragon deep pool eagle love peak, red sun against the wall to see the silver star. The scenery of Longtan is poetic, and the scenery of Laiwu is magnificent."

Journey is strong wind, the task of thousands of jun set out again. Although the road is far, the line will be to; Hard as it is, it will be done. As long as all Cambridge people stay true to their original aspiration and move forward together, the future of Cambridge will be even better!


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