Improve your awareness and be a better version of yourself
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On July 30, Cambridge held the work summary meeting for the first half of 2022, which was attended by more tha

On July 30, Cambridge held the work summary meeting for the first half of 2022, which was attended by more than 500 people from all over Cambridge.

The meeting was presided over by Mr. Zhang Zuocheng, managing partner. At the meeting, Chief partner Zhang Qiaoliang first delivered the first half of 2022 work report to all Kangqiao staff on behalf of the management committee. In the first half of the year, all Kangqiao people concentrated their hearts and efforts, continued to give full play to the advantages of cultural leadership and integrated management, focused on the "three strategies" of cohesion, continued to polish the "four business cards", strengthened practical measures, took active actions, overcame difficulties, and went all out to push for new breakthroughs in various work. Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang stressed that all Kangqiao people should fully realize the complex and severe external environment, and also fully realize that the trend of the industry's continuous recovery will not change, the correctness of the road of Kangqiao has not changed, and the potential and resilience of Kangqiao's continued development has not changed. In the industry stagnation period, to be able to accumulate in the last period. We must be firm in our confidence and determination, withstand pressures and challenges, accurately identify changes, respond to them in a scientific way, and take the initiative to seek change. We must make extraordinary efforts, adopt extraordinary actions, and implement extraordinary measures. We must take solid and effective measures to foster opportunities and open new doors, and strive to achieve our goals and tasks for the year.

Then, Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang explained in depth how to improve the level of cognition and make a better self. Zhang Qiaoliang lawyer pointed out that the difference between person and person perception and choice, only understand their own strengths and weaknesses, to realize everything is regular, understand the truth of life, do "see themselves, and, behold, the heavens and the earth, and, behold, all", to learn to open-minded, tolerance and humility, in the heart of compassion, love the heart of the heart, altruism, to make the right choice and obliged to stick to life, Make the world better because of their existence and make their life meaningful. Zhang Qiaoliang lawyer stressed that "unknown people, unknown things, unknown oneself" is often the cause of career or life into trouble, to learn to control emotions, and reach a settlement with themselves, in self-consistent, self-reflection after moving forward, in order to achieve "a demoiselle any life" of the open and free, become more excellent themselves.

After that, the person in charge of each branch made a speech on the situation of their respective work and Zhang Qiaoliang's feeling on the work report. Everyone agrees that the superiority of Cambridge culture advanced, system is the root cause of the achievements were made in Cambridge, Zhang Qiaoliang lawyer's report on the macro both the development path of Cambridge again, and philosophical speculation on the microscopic pointed out the direction of development of the individual, the next step will continue to profound comprehension, practice and carrying forward the culture of Cambridge, Through the "sit in silence, give up, practice on the matter", further temper cognitive ability, continue to strengthen the professional and brand building, continue to forge ahead, hand in hand, and strive to complete this year's goals and tasks.

Pine cold does not fall, blue sea wide more than chengcheng. History will only care for the firm, the striving, the fighter, as long as we firm confidence, mountain high water long do not change indomitable, disorderly clouds flying will see unlimited scenery!


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