Shandong Provincial Government Offices Administration internal legal counsel gro
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For improve provincial government affairs administration internal legal counsel team of legal theory level and prac
For improve provincial government affairs administration internal legal counsel team of legal theory level and practical ability, strengthen the ability to supply under the rule of law, give full play to the role of the legal counsel and legal demonstration effect, provide more accurate and efficient legal service for global, on August 10, provincial authority bureau legal advisory panel line of more than 10 people visit Cambridge to visit exchanges.
Provincial Bureau Bureau Office Director, bureau chief legal counsel Lu Pidong led the team members first in Cambridge chief partner Zhang Qiaoliang, partner Mingyue, Yuan Yongbing, etc., accompanied by the visit to Cambridge office environment. During the visit, Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang introduced the integrated management mode, cultural concept, core values, Party building promotion Institute of Cambridge, as well as Cambridge's work in promoting good law and good governance and assuming social responsibility.
Subsequently, the Bright Moon lawyer to "office affairs management common legal problems and risk prevention" for the topic of a lecture. According to the specific work responsibilities of the Bureau of Provincial government Offices, combined with a large number of practical cases, Mingyue lawyer systematically sorted out the common legal problems of the Bureau of Provincial government offices in the management of state-owned assets and real estate management of provincial administrative institutions, and put forward corresponding risk prevention suggestions.

Director Lu Pidong expressed his gratitude to Cambridge for its legal counsel work over the years, and said that Cambridge's rigorous and professional services have made positive contributions to the administration and fulfillment of management responsibilities of the provincial Bureau of Government Organs. High Cambridge advanced idea, pattern, through the communication, the massive culture of Cambridge, professional spirit has a more profound understanding, answered a organization affairs seminar on law and policy in the management of many problems, has a strong guiding significance in after work, want to Cambridge to continue with the bureau in accordance with the law for the provincial authorities started to provide professional support, We will give full play to the role of legal think tanks.

For many years, the provincial authority bureau attaches great importance to the construction of the rule of law, the vice secretary of the provincial government, provincial authorities affairs under the leadership of the director lu, provincial authorities affairs through overall in-house legal advisory panel, the power of the external legal counsel, strengthening administrative ability according to law, to ensure that the organization affairs all work run in orbit under the rule of law. In the future, Cambridge, as a consulting law firm, will further optimize its legal services and provide a solid legal guarantee for the Provincial Government Offices Bureau to promote the high-quality development of government offices work in accordance with the law.


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