Yantai Municipal SASAC delegation attended
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On August 11th, He Zhaoyong, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Yantai SASAC, Chen Dianxin, ge
On August 11th, He Zhaoyong, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Yantai SASAC, Chen Dianxin, general manager of Guofeng Group, and his party visited Cambridge for exchange.

Deputy Director He Zhaoyong and his delegation first visited the office environment of Cambridge accompanied by Zhang Qiaoliang, the chief partner of Cambridge. During the visit, Mr. Zhang Qiaoliang introduced to Mr. He Zhaoyong, Deputy director, the integrated management model of Cambridge, the "four business cards" created by Cambridge under the concept of "Cultural Institute", and the relevant work of serving the government and large state-owned enterprises.

Later, the two sides had a discussion. Zhang Qiaoliang lawyer introduced Cambridge "four CARDS", and said a lawyer is not only a career more means a kind of responsibility and mission, thanks to yantai state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, the feng group trust in Cambridge, I hope to communicate with the as an opportunity to both sides to further strengthen exchanges, opening a new chapter of cooperation, Cambridge will continue to improve service quality, and the effect, boost state-owned enterprise high quality development.

He Zhaoyong, deputy director, said that the management system and cultural construction of Cambridge are unique. Both the integrated management mode and the people-oriented dream of Cambridge demonstrate the profound heritage of Cambridge. This visit was quite shocked. He Zhaoyong stressed, deputy director of the enterprise's development cannot leave the leadership of the party committees and governments, even more to treat companies, compliance management in accordance with the rule of law concept, Cambridge as a head law firm for administrative organ and large and medium-sized enterprises in shandong province services has a wealth of experience, I hope Cambridge strengthen communication with yantai state-owned enterprise, establish good cooperation mechanism, To help Yantai state - owned enterprises in the road of the rule of law.

Chen Dianxin general manager, said thank Cambridge group innovation business in recent years in countries and bad asset disposal, etc, to provide legal support and help, hope to Cambridge on the two sides of li & fung group, the rule of law system and the rule of law modernization construction to play a bigger role, feng group of innovation for the country to provide a more powerful legal support.

To participate in discussion and Gu Liping feng group deputy general manager, the capital operation of state-owned assets supervision and administration division deputy section chief in yantai pansy, investment company, general manager of sales department, senior investment manager zhang guiquan NiXin, investment promotion department senior manager zhang chi, Cambridge, managing partner at law firm, vice secretary of party committee Zhang Zuocheng, senior partner zhang, xu ships, YuanYongBing partner.


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