Zhang Qiaoliang, chief partner, was invited to give a lecture at the symposium
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In order to accelerate the building of a law-based government with "scientific functions, legal powers and respons
In order to accelerate the building of a law-based government with "scientific functions, legal powers and responsibilities, strict law enforcement, open and fair, clean and efficient, law-abiding and honest", and firmly establish the legal awareness of Party members and leading cadres of "handling affairs according to the law, seeking the law when confronted with difficulties, solving problems and using the law, and resolving conflicts by the law", on the evening of August 31, The Theory Learning Center Group of Ningyang County Party Committee held "Emancipating the mind, tempering the Party spirit, improving the ability of the College" and the guidance report of the Theory Learning Center group of the County Party Committee.

The county party committee secretary wang lijun, vice secretary of the county, the county magistrate Liu Canyu, vice secretary of the county Su Weili, county peoples congress standing committee director Dong Qian, cppcc.in chairman zhang county leaders to attend the lecture, the county party committee standing committee, headed in righteousness, presided over the lecture, Cambridge chief partner Zhang Qiaoliang was invited to be "under the rule of law thinking of the rule of law government construction project report.
Zhang Qiaoliang lawyers report, from the rule of law, the rule of law thinking, and the rule of law government, three aspects has carried on the thorough careful reading, report the detail, the typical case is rich, enhance administrative decision credibility were introduced in detail in execution, in accordance with the prevention of the disposal of major events, social conflict prevention mediation to resolve administrative dispute, such as the rule of law government construction "ten big step". Zhang Qiaoliang lawyers argue that "the people of the promise, policy oriented", did not must first serve method, as long as the leading cadres at all levels conscientiously establish the rule of law awareness, usage, dissolve the contradiction by law to solve problems, functions of scientific legal power and responsibility, strict law enforcement, public justice, honesty and high efficiency, law-abiding integrity of the government under the rule of law will be built, the people will have more sense, happiness and security.

Meeting requirements, to further strengthen the national staff legal education, further enhance the rule of law Ningyang construction level, enhance the county leading cadres legal awareness, improve the use of legal thinking and legal way to solve problems, promote development ability, strive to create a new situation in the county legal construction. Participants agreed that Zhang Qiaoliang lawyer from professional Angle elaborated the important value of thinking in the construction of rule of law government under the rule of law, novel and feasible idea inspired everyone, well, Zhang Qiaoliang lawyer's report on the construction of "big strong rich beauty Ann" socialist modernization new ningyang, create a new situation the county construction of rule of law has a strong reference value.
Presidents of county courts and chief procurators of procuratorates; More than 110 people, including secretaries of Party (labor) committees of towns and townships (subdistricts), main leaders of Ningyang Economic Development Zone, Ningyang County High-Tech Industry Development Zone, Ningyang County Agricultural High-tech Industry Development Zone, and main leaders of relevant departments (units) directly under the county, attended the report.


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