The Beijing branch was appointed as the permanent legal adviser of Foreign Servi
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Recently, Cambridge Beijing Branch was selected by Foreign Service Group Co , LTD (Beijing Diplomatic Service Bure
Recently, Cambridge Beijing Branch was selected by Foreign Service Group Co., LTD. (Beijing Diplomatic Service Bureau) for the 2022-2024 Legal Counsel service project. After comprehensive evaluation, Cambridge Beijing Branch successfully won the bidding and signed the "Perennial Legal Counsel Service Contract" with Foreign Service Group Co., LTD. The contract stipulates that Cambridge Beijing Branch shall provide legal consulting services for Diplomatic Service Group Co., LTD., its subsidiaries and subordinate units, Beijing Diplomatic Service Bureau and its subordinate units, Beijing Diplomatic Language and Culture Center and Beijing Diplomatic Information and Training Center, for a period of two years.
The successful winning of the bid reflects the recognition of Diplomatic Service Group Co., LTD. (Beijing Diplomatic Service Bureau) on the relevant performance, staffing, professional ability, internal control system and business discussion mechanism of the lawyer team of Cambridge Beijing Branch under the integration system of Cambridge Total Score and Institute. Under the guidance of Cambridge culture, the project lawyers will provide comprehensive, high-quality, efficient and professional legal services to the Diplomatic Service Group Co., LTD. (Beijing Diplomatic Service Bureau) with their superb professional skills, rich practical experience, professional service ability and diligent and conscientious professionalism.
Diplomatic Service Group Co., LTD., formerly known as Beijing Diplomatic Service Corporation, is a state-owned enterprise wholly owned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China with a registered capital of RMB 527.664,000 yuan. It has the same set of staff and two brands as Beijing Diplomatic Service Bureau. Adhering to the principle of "cooperating with diplomacy, serving the diplomatic corps, enhancing friendship and displaying style", Foreign Service Group Co., Ltd. strives to practice the core values of "respect, responsibility and innovation", faithfully performs the responsibilities and missions entrusted by the state, and focuses on the main responsibility and business of foreign service. We serve more than 400 foreign embassies, representative offices of international organizations and foreign press offices in Beijing. After years of continuous development, it has developed into a comprehensive foreign service group with more than 10,000 employees, nearly 1.5 million square meters of real estate, covering engineering construction, housing rental, human resources, culture and education, commodity trade, restaurant, restaurant, property management, car rental and many other fields.
Cambridge Beijing Branch Office is located in the Kuntai International Building in the core business district of the East Second Ring Road, Beijing. It was established in September 2010. It was registered and approved by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice to set up and practice. Based on the principle of diligence and dedication, with consummate professional quality and good understanding of China's economic environment and clients' needs, Kangqiao lawyers have won the trust of many clients with their timely, efficient and high-quality legal services. Cambridge Beijing Branch now has corporate Securities Department, Foreign Business Department, Intellectual Property Department, Dispute Resolution Department, Government Legal Service Department and other professional departments. Cambridge lawyers serve Beijing legal market with the concept of specialization, teamwork and precision, and are widely praised by customers.


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