Zhang Qiaoliang, chief partner, was invited to teach the Tancheng County Party C
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On Sept 23, Tancheng County held a seminar on the rule of law and a "big weekend class" of the Theory Learni
On Sept. 23, Tancheng County held a seminar on the rule of law and a "big weekend class" of the Theory Learning center group of the County Party Committee. The lecture was presided over by Wang Lijun, Secretary of the County Party Committee. The leaders of the county level and the main responsible members of the departments directly under the county attended the lecture on the spot. The cadres of the township (street) section and above attended the lecture via video.

Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang made a thorough and detailed interpretation from three aspects of rule of law, rule of law thinking and rule of law government under the title of "Rule of Law Government Construction". Zhang Qiaoliang lawyer that law, the end of the governance also. The rule of law is a basic mode of governance and an important basis for a country's governance system and capacity. Administration by law should not only be based on the current situation, but also apply the rule of law thinking and methods to solve the deep-seated problems facing economic and social development. At the same time, we need to take a long-term view and build the foundation, practice and momentum for the rule of law. Only by carrying out the requirements of good law and good governance throughout the whole process and in all aspects of national governance and deepening the practice of law-based governance can we achieve new results in building the rule of law and the people's sense of gain, happiness and security from the rule of law will be enhanced.
The meeting called on all government departments at all levels to strengthen their theoretical arms and conduct in-depth study to build a powerful force for the rule of law. We will focus on goals and tasks and deepen the building of a law-based government. We should take the lead in implementing the law and ensure steady progress in building a law-based government. The participants agreed that Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang elaborated on the significance of the rule of law thinking in the construction of the rule of law government from a professional perspective, and cited a large number of policies, cases and data. He was both theoretical and practical. Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang's teaching has a strong reference significance for promoting the construction of the county's legal government to create a new situation and go up to a new level.


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