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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the work Conference on the innovation-driven high-quality Developmen
In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the work Conference on the innovation-driven high-quality Development of State-owned enterprises in Shandong Province and the six work requirements of Secretary Li Ganjie of the Provincial Party Committee of China, we will unswervingly promote the reform of state-owned enterprises and accelerate the realization of innovation-driven high-quality development. Approved by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government, Heze Municipal Party Committee Organization Department and Heze Municipal SASAC jointly held a three-day special training course on promoting the high-quality development of municipal state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises in Heze on September 28.
Training course invitation xin-wen zhang, secretary of municipal committee, mayor ays, state-owned assets supervision and administration under the State Council, deputy director of the center for economic research jian-guo peng lu group chairman, China FanJun ruo-xiang zhang, shandong energy group deputy general manager, the secretary of the municipal commission for discipline inspection Li Maonan, secretary of municipal party committee organization chief partner Zhang Qiaoliang ZangWei, Cambridge is enterprise management, risk prevention and control, such as reform of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises party construction, the party's style to build a clean government, etc Focus on the content of centralized teaching guidance, deputy Mayor Xiao Youhua presided over the opening ceremony. Leaders of Heze municipal SASAC, members of municipal enterprises and entrusted enterprises, chief financial officer, external directors, principal persons in charge of the county and district state-owned assets supervision institutions and chairmen of important enterprises attended the special training.
Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang gave a special lecture on the topic of "Prevention of legal risks of State-owned enterprises", combined with a large number of social hot spots and real cases, from three aspects: "Common risks of State-owned enterprises", "improving cognition and establishing legal thinking", and "Prevention measures of common legal risks of State-owned enterprises". Lawyer Zhang Qiaoliang believes that the rule of law is an important part of the implementation of the comprehensive rule of law strategy, is an important guarantee to promote the upgrading of national strategy, reform and development. New stage of development, state-owned enterprises must continue to anchor the law-based governance target enterprises, further improve the use of the rule of law thinking and way of the rule of law to deepen reform, solving contradiction, maintaining stability and ability to cope with risk, look at the company's development of rule of law and the rule of law to resolve in the development of various new problems, with the rule of law means to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company, Ensure that the production and operation activities of enterprises run smoothly on the track of the rule of law, let the rule of law provide fundamental compliance and strong guarantee for enterprises to continue to grow bigger, stronger and better, and promote enterprises to a new stage of high-quality development!
After the teaching, the participants have said that through this study, further deepening the understanding to the state-owned enterprises as the backbone of the city's economic development and the nucleus, the leading cadre should actively promote the rule of law concept, strengthen the legal risk prevention consciousness, broadening the view, set up the long-term perspective, the strategic thinking and consciousness, lead the enterprise to achieve higher level, the development of higher quality. Zhang Qiaoliang lawyers around the "how to guard against legal risks", carried on the multiple perspectives, the deep, the interpretation of the whole teaching sense, the field is broad, rich in content, easily understood, have very strong pertinence and maneuverability, how to strengthen the enterprise risk prevention consciousness in the future work, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of safety and the investor of state-owned assets, It plays an important guiding role in improving the ability and level of enterprise management personnel to make decisions and govern enterprises according to law.


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