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Of course you can go out...

6 October 2011

Topics: parenting, balancing work/life/baby, you time

What is the cost of a pint of beer? £3.50 ish. It depends where you live or which establishment you frequent of course, but even with a new baby, most men can (and do!) stretch to a trip out for a couple of drinks. What does it actually costs you though?!

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Please can you do it for me?

15 September 2011

Topics: independence, encouragement, support, gift

Our mission as parents is to ultimately bring up our children to be strong, independent individuals who can fend for themselves. We have 18 years (or thereabouts) to try and achieve this – and yes it does depend on the character of the child.

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But why can't I sleep in your bed Mummy?

24 August 2011

Topics: sleep, baby, toddler

No matter how fun and inviting you make your baby's bedroom, the one thing that is always missing is YOU! Try as we might, getting babies and young children to want to sleep in their own bed in their own room is one of the hardest challenges in parenthood.

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One more mouthful...

15 August 2011

Topics: fussy eating, child, toddler, meal times

Despite every parent’s good intentions and hard work, there seems to be a point when every child becomes a fussy eater. For some this will just be a temporary blip, for others a struggle lasting years. But no matter how hard we try, we are often defeated by the overwhelming feeling that anything is better than nothing! The issue becomes more frustrating when it appears your toddler knows that you will give in eventually – just so they have eaten something.

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